Railway Radio



Those 3 words describe how all good music started, and the direction that it’s headed. Here’s how:

1. ORIGINAL: If a song is original, tasty ear candy, we listen!

2. INDEPENDENT: The music industry in the United States works daily to shape our listening habits. The CEOs of performing rights organizations (like ASCAP and BMI) receive annual salaries well into the seven-figures to chase after those profits. What profits? If a songwriter on a popular on-demand, free streaming service retains all publishing rights to their song, they would need at least 1,707,317,073.19 (that’s right, almost 2 billion!) spins to earn the reported salaries of those CEOs. All of the music you hear on RAILWAY RADIO is put out by artists as 100% Creative Commons and/or some other form of royalty-free release. Music by the people, for the people. RAILWAY RADIO is completely no-profit. Zero money changes hands at any point, for any reason. No sponsors, no commercials, no gimmicks. Here’s why…

3. LOCAL: That old, tired song that plays over the jukebox at Pa’s Tavern costs Pa thousands of $ in royalties to stream annually. RAILWAY RADIO provides a viable alternative to paying greedy royalty fees to the performing rights organizations for streaming in breweries, taverns, restaurants, and cafes. That savings can instead be spent on the local, original music of those communities.

Make sense? We sure think so! RAILWAY RADIO is run and curated by roots music musicians. We hope to help out local musicians and businesses by putting the “folks” back into folk music, and hope that you’ll join our movement by tuning in, attending local live original music, and patronizing the businesses in your town that are also on board.

Thanks for listening!