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Michigan By The Bottle

MBTB HostsWelcome to Michigan By The Bottle! We are Shannon and Cortney Casey, certified sommeliers and suburban Detroiters who adore Michigan wine.

We firmly believe the wines from our great state, and the wineries that produce them, are generally under-appreciated and under-publicized. We’re convinced that there’s an entire population of prospective Michigan wine lovers that remains untapped. We’ve also learned since starting MBTB in 2009 that there’s an extensive fan base of consumers enthusiastic about “drinking local” that was ripe for unification.

We’re passionate about Michigan wine, and we hope – if you’re not already – you will be after spending a little time on MBTB. If you take a peek around our site, you’ll see that we’re committed to:

  • Providing original content on Michigan wines and wineries, including articles, video features, video podcasts, travel diaries, photos and more.
  • Compiling links to Michigan wineries’ websites and social media accounts to allow easy access.
  • Aggregating links to content on Michigan wines from across the web.
  • Promoting events involving Michigan wines and wineries.
  • Guiding visitors, via the site and our iPhone/iPad app, through Michigan wine country.
  • Introducing readers to new wines or helping them rediscover old favorites through Tweet & Taste Michigan (virtual events that highlight specific wineries and allow Twitter users to interface with the winemakers).
  • Encouraging interaction between Michigan wine fans through Facebook and Twitter.

MBTB also aims to dispel misconceptions seemingly rampant among the 20- and 30-something set that wine is appealing only to older demographics, as well as assure newbies that Michigan’s tasting rooms are places ripe for learning and exploring, not daunting havens for elitist wine snobs. Wine is fun!